Tax and VAT

Our expertise is in applying practical tax saving opportunities to your unique circumstances.

Business taxes

  • Corporation tax, income tax and capital gains tax planning and compliance.
  • Remuneration and benefits planning.
  • Share option and incentive schemes.
  • PAYE and NIC compliance and planning.
  • VAT planning and compliance.
  • Tax and VAT investigations.

Personal taxes

  • Income tax and capital gains tax planning and compliance.
  • Inheritance tax and estate planning.
  • Trust tax planning and compliance.
  • Preparing and filing VAT returns.


International taxes

  • Establishing UK and offshore tax structures.
  • International tax planning for individuals and businesses.

International artists and sportsmen

  • Advice on UK and European taxes and social security.
  • Minimising UK and European taxes for touring artists and sportsmen.


  • Specialist tax advice for UK and foreign footballers playing in the UK and abroad.