Music, Theatre, Film, Television and Sport

We have represented musicians, actors, actresses, comedians, sports men and women and businesses in the media, entertainment and sports industries for over 30 years. We can take care of all of your financial management needs.

Managing daily finances

  • Collecting income (fees, royalties and other income).
  • Paying bills.
  • Managing bank accounts.
  • Monitoring cash flow.
  • Keeping proper accounting records.
  • Providing monthly financial reports.
  • Preparing and filing VAT returns.
  • Contract and business advice.


  • Monitoring royalty statements.
  • Preparing royalty statements.
  • Royalty accounting.
  • Music royalty audits (recording, publishing, merchandising).


  • Handling all aspects of touring for UK artists (budgeting, accounting, cash flow monitoring and international taxes).
  • Minimising UK and European taxes for international touring artists and sportsmen.
  • .... and of course, all the usual accounting and tax services.