Ian Thomas

Ian Thomas
Touring, tax and financial management
+44 (0)20 7644 9670
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Ian and the MGR Weston Kay Touring team help performing overseas artistes pick a path through the maze of tax, social security and VAT regulations applying to live performance income across Europe and beyond.  They liaise with agents, business managers, managers and promoters to ensure contracts are structured effectively and all information and documentation is provided to mitigate foreign tax withholdings.

Ian joined MGR Weston Kay, freshly qualified, in 1986 handling accounts and business management before touring work reached critical mass in 2004.  The team has grown with the workload and we now deal with hundreds of tours each year, for artistes of all shapes, sizes and musical genres.

Outside work Ian is a keen Sports Dad and makes a worthy, but some say misguided, effort to play a variety of instruments and a vastly uneconomical attempt to grow his own vegetables.