Ace Records

ace records

"MGR Weston Kay have been auditors and tax accountants for Ace Records over a number of years. Their in depth knowledge of the music business has made the process of dealing with them more pleasure than pain, not something that can be said about many other firms. Their services cover a wide range of financial expertise of which Ace has availed itself on a number of occasions. If you are seeking financial services related to the entertainment industry or otherwise, I would have no hesitation in recommending MGR Weston Kay."
Damon Vallero - ACE Records

Water Music Productions Limited

"We first hooked up with MGR Weston Kay in 1987 when I was a young roister doister. In the ensuing Twenty One years they have followed and guided us through the Daedalian twists and turns of our various business projects. The minimum requirement of an accountant is, of course, competence. MGR Weston Kay go way beyond that: they have made us money."
Peter Lawlor - Water Music Productions Limited

Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke"I have been with MGR Weston Kay for a very long time and whilst their office might have sick building syndrome and their "coffee" should be confiscated as a blatant misrepresentation under The Trade Descriptions Act the staff are very diligent, friendly and rather strangely for accountants, likeable. I have enjoyed working with Paul Simnock and his team and would heartily recommend them to anyone I cared about."
Dave Clarke - DJ