What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files stored on your browser when you visit websites. It contains numbers and letters that identify your web browser but not you personally.

How we use cookies?

This website uses cookies. 

The cookies used on this site are used to collect information about website activity (to help us improve the service we offer you) and to enable our content management system to operate properly.

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Why should I keep cookies switched on?

We advise you to keep cookies active as if  you disable cookies entirely, the MGR Weston Kay website may not function properly for you.

How can I turn cookies on or off?

You can control how websites use cookies by configuring the privacy settings within your browser.  Please refer to your browser help function to learn more about cookie controls.

You can set your browser to reject all cookies, allow "trusted sites" to use them or only accept cookies from the websites you are currently visiting.

For more information about cookies see the IAB website at


Last updated: May 2018